Recyclable material management for recovered paper (PCP: paper, cardboard and cardboard packaging) is your direct contact for the purchase and sale of recovered paper. The VGS markets recovered paper from municipal and commercial collection. The recovered paper is sorted into various qualities in the plants of the VGS partners and provided to users. Delivery or pick-up takes place by truck or container, as loose goods or pressed into balls.

In addition to the supply of the domestic paper industry, we also provide larger quantities for export within Europe and to Asia (loading into sea containers is sometimes possible on location).

Throughout Germany and in neighbouring countries, VGS takes on recovered paper for marketing according to DIN EN 643, Paper, cardboard and paperboard - European list of standard waste paper grades; German version EN 643: 2014. The proof of volume flow is of course created in its entirety.

The VGS primarily trades with the following grades

  • Mixed paper and board, unsorted, but unusable materials removed
  • Mixed papers and board (sorted)
  • Grey board
  • Supermarket corrugated paper and board
  • Sorted graphic paper for deinking
  • Newspapers
  • Used corrugated kraft I
  • Used corrugated kraft II

1.01 (B10) 
1.02 (B12) 
1.03 (H12) 
1.04 (B19) 
1.11 (D39) 
2.01 (E12) 
4.02 (W62)
4.03 (W52)