DS recyclable material management is your direct contact for waste products originating from collection from the household environment, for example, the "Green Dot" and packaging with deposits.

This includes

  • Tinplate (loose, in balls or packages)
  • Aluminium in balls
  • Plastics, for example, mixed plastics, films or bottles
  • PET – beverage bottles, etc.

Our service for you

You have the material, we carry out the marketing

That's very simple with us. You inform us of the type and the pick-up time.

Upon request, we can assume responsibility for logistics, meaning the planning and carrying out of the pick-up and the commissioning of the forwarder. If you have your own vehicles, these can be used. Your material will only be delivered to accredited processors and end users.

We carry out the documentation and the proof of volume flow for you and make it available to you.